Digital Microscopes

Whether for education or client presentation, a digital microscope takes microscopy to the next level.

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D-EL1 Handheld Digital Microscope
The unique D-EL1 design is large and robust enough to withstand use in schools while still being sma..
National DC-128 Series
This compound microscope and digital camera combination includes a 100x oil immersion lens, 1.25 N.A..
National DC4-156 Series
Featuring precision optics and rugged construction, this microscope is enhanced with the addition of..
National DC4-456H/DC-420TH Series
A very versatile stereoscope microscope that permits you to change from a widefield image at 10x mag..
National DC5/DC6-163 Series
Superior in design and in performance, the DC5-163 incorporates a wide range of features designed fo..
National DCX Series
National is proud to introduce the first WiFi digital microscopes. The  DCX-205-RLED represents..
National Model DM-52/DS-2
Designed to facilitate teaching at the elementary level using the standard microscope format most co..
Swift M10D Series
A great laboratory microscope, the M10DB-S features a binocular head with a built in 3MP camera, 20m..
Swift M2252DGL
The M2252DGL is an entry level digital microscope. It features a monocular head with a built in 3MP ..
Swift M3600DGL
The M3602C-3DGL is a great microscope packed full of features. A monocular head with a built in 3MP ..
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