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Swift M10 Series
The M10B-S is the base model for the M10 Series Microscopes. Standard features include a binocular h..
Swift M10D Series
A great laboratory microscope, the M10DB-S features a binocular head with a built in 3MP camera, 20m..
Swift M15 Series
The Swift M15B-P is a great microscope for universities and laboratories. It features a binocular he..
Swift M2250 Series
The M2251B comes with a monocular head, 4XD, 10XD and 40 XD Achromat objectives, a widefield 10XD ey..
Swift M2252DGL
The M2252DGL is an entry level digital microscope. It features a monocular head with a built in 3MP ..
Swift M28Z/M29TZ Series
Binocular head, 23mm W10X eyepieces, 1X-4X continuous zoom, variable LED illumination top and bottom..
Swift M3 Series
This is a great design for those needing versatility from their microscope. The M3-M features a mono..
Swift M3-F Series
Taking the M3 Series microscope platform and transforming it into a forensic microscope, the M3-F wi..
Swift M3600 Series
This is the flagship model of the Swift educational line. This microscope is loaded with great featu..
Swift M3600DGL
The M3602C-3DGL is a great microscope packed full of features. A monocular head with a built in 3MP ..
Swift M3700 Series
A step up from the M3600 series, the M3700 comes standard with a binocular head, 18mm widefield..
Swift SM100 Series
Binocular head, W10X, 20mm eyepieces, 1X and 3X magnification, variable turret LED, variable Top LED..
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