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Cargille Type A (Low Viscosity) Immersion Oil, 1 fluid ounce
Cargille Immersion Oil is the industry standard. For the majority of microscope users Type A (Low Vi..
Concavity Microscope Slides
Made of good quality glass sheet 1.2mm thick, with ground edges, and spherical concavities.  Av..
Eyepiece Calibrated Pointer
This pointer mounts in the eyepiece of your compound microscope. The pointer has 10 divisions along ..
Frosted Microscope Slides, Pkg of 72
Microscope clear slides, glass, 3" x 1", 1.3mm thick, one end frosted to make it easy to mark and re..
Hand Microtome
Easy to use, this microtome lets you cut sections to 10 microns.  Equipped with a clamping mech..
Immersion Oil
Available in Type A or Type B as well in 1/4 oz or 1 oz sized. Please select from the drop down menu..
MagicFiber Microfiber Cloth
The ORIGINAL MagicFiber / Premium Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Ultra gentle! Extremely fine microfib..
Microscope Filters
Precision Microscope Sales carries a variety of filters to meet your microscopy needs. Please use th..
MoticamX Wifi Digital Microscope Camera
The Moticam X is a high resolution streaming WiFi camera. By creating its own WiFi signal, simply co..
Par-Focal Spacers / Rings / Shims
Come in packs of 10 or available in a set of 14 (2 of each size) PM..
Perm-O-Fix Acetone Vaporizer
The Perm-O-Fix is an acetone vaporizer that was designed with safety and reliability in mind. The fi..
Plain Microscope Slides, Pkg of 72
Made of quality sheet glass, with ground edges.  Each slide is cleaned and individually wrapped..
Prepared Slides Set of 100
  This set of 100 Prepared slides is great for a high school or university. Set is housed in..
Prepared Slides Set of 89
This set of 89 prepared slides is great for middle and high school biology courses. Included slides ..
Residual Oil Remover (ROR) Lens Cleaner, 2 fluid ounce bottle with Pump Spray AND Kimtech Science Wipes
Quality optics are a big investment. Keep your investment working at its peak performance with ROR L..
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