Blank Slides & Cover Slips

No matter what type of slide you need, Precision Microscope Sales has it. From glass to plastic, smooth to multiple depression, we have what you need.

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Concavity Microscope Slides
Made of good quality glass sheet 1.2mm thick, with ground edges, and spherical concavities.  Av..
Frosted Microscope Slides, Pkg of 72
Microscope clear slides, glass, 3" x 1", 1.3mm thick, one end frosted to make it easy to mark and re..
Hand Microtome
Easy to use, this microtome lets you cut sections to 10 microns.  Equipped with a clamping mech..
Immersion Oil
Available in Type A or Type B as well in 1/4 oz or 1 oz sized. Please select from the drop down menu..
Plain Microscope Slides, Pkg of 72
Made of quality sheet glass, with ground edges.  Each slide is cleaned and individually wrapped..
Slide Holding Forceps
Made of plated steel wire for handling cover glasses and slides, carefully and tightly. ..
Slide Making Kit (Slides and Cover Slips)
A great biology resource!  Prepare your own slide specimens with these microscope slide making ..
Slide Storage Box - Plastic
Sturdy two-piece molded plastic slide boxes.  The bottom section has slide numbers engraved for..
Slide Storage Box - Wood
Strong wooden frame, with hinged cover.  Slides fit into numbered beveled slots.  Printed ..
Thick Concavity Microscope Slide
These slides are made of 3.2mm thick clear glass sheet.  Size 3" x 1".  Available with sin..
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