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At Precision Microscope Sales we love the sciences and most of all science education. We carry all sorts of items that making teaching and learning the sciences fun and engaging. Browse through our selection or give us a call at 800-848-4824. Keep the sciences strong and engage a kid in your life with your favorite science topic. We are here to help keep it fun.

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Air Track and Accessories
This air track is constructed of high quality aluminum alloy and has the advantages of being both li..
Digital Timer with Photogates
This four-digit timer is designed to be used with air tracks, free fall apparatus, and other equipme..
Dissecting Instruments Set (Variety of Options)
Good quality stainless steel dissecting instruments. Sets can be custom assembled per your specifica..
Electromagnet Kit
This kit is designed for high school students to learn the principles and applications of electromag..
Energy Conversion Kit
This economical seven-piece kit lets you demonstrate the conversion between different forms of energ..
Force Table
This student force table is a complete set that features a dual scale, allowing students to take rea..
Hand Microtome
Easy to use, this microtome lets you cut sections to 10 microns.  Equipped with a clamping mech..
Laser Optical Disk Set
This is an excellent and economical set for introductory ray optics.  The laser ray box project..
Laser Optics Demonstration Kit
The Laser Optics Demonstrator consists of a base unit with a built-in He-Ne laser, deflection syste..
Meiosis Teaching Kit
Teaching meiosis presents challenges for both teaching and learning because it is an abstract concep..
Mitosis Teaching Kit
Designed by teachers and tested by teachers, this kit greatly enhances students’ understanding of th..
Plasticware Kit
An affordable assortment of some of most commonly used plastic labware items. Kit consists of 20 ite..
Prepared Slides Set of 100
  This set of 100 Prepared slides is great for a high school or university. Set is housed in..
Prepared Slides Set of 89
This set of 89 prepared slides is great for middle and high school biology courses. Included slides ..
Quiet Air Source, Variable Output (for air track/table)
This low noise (<58dB) air source is an ideal accessory for air tracks, air tables, and other pne..
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