Perm-O-Fix Acetone Vaporizer

Perm-O-Fix Acetone Vaporizer
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The Perm-O-Fix is an acetone vaporizer that was designed with safety and reliability in mind. The first Perm-O-Fixes built have been in the field for 21 years. About 5000 units have been sold.

The Perm-O-Fix is constructed of a sturdy metal casing. It utilizes an aluminum block and aluminum tubing instead of copper, so there is no copper flaking onto your filter. The thermostat is constructed of bimetal-actuated gold contacts and has been factory tested at 6.3 amps which is twelve times the current that the Perm-O-Fix draws. The maximum temperature of the heating element is 1200 degrees centigrade. In the Perm-O-Fix, it is heated to only 90 degrees centigrade. The safety features in the unit include a 3 amp current fuse and a thermal fuse that will blow at 109 degrees centigrade. The ignition temperature of acetone is 537 degrees centigrade. Therefore, the parts used are well within their operating limitations.

The Perm-O-Fix also includes a slide warmer on the top. It can be used if further clearing of the slide is needed.

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